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Tommy Morrison

Tommy David Morrison (born January 2, 1969) is an American heavyweight boxer and a former World Boxing Organization champion. He lost only three out of a total of 52 professional fights. Morrison's nickname, "The Duke," is based on disputed claims that he is a grandnephew of Hollywood star John Wayne. Morrison was a co-star with Sylvester Stallone in the 1990 boxing movie Rocky V. Morrison's professional boxing career effectively ended when he tested positive for HIV in 1996. Beginning in 2006, Morrison attempted a comeback, stating that he did not have HIV and, later, that HIV is a "myth." His claims are refuted by boxing and medical authorities. After his enforced retirement in 1996, Morrison has been charged with multiple assault, weapon, intoxication, and drug offenses. He was sentenced to jail on several occasions, and served part of one sentence in 2000-2001. Morrison is of Scottish decent. In 1988, Morrison won the Regional Heavyweight Title - Kansas City Golden Gloves from Donald Ellis and advanced to the National Golden Gloves in Omaha, Nebraska, where he lost a split decision to Derek Isaman. Two weeks later, Morrison took part in the Western Olympic trials in Houston, Texas winning the Heavyweight Title and garnishing the "Most Outstanding Fighter" of the tournament. Two weeks after that at the Olympic Trials, held in Concord, California, Morrison lost a split decision to Ray Mercer, who would go on to win the gold medal at the Seoul Olympics. Morrison's combined professional and amateur record is 343-24-1, with 315 wins by knockout.

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orrison started his professional boxing career on November 10, 1988, with a first-round knockout of William Muhammad in New York City. Three weeks later, he scored another first-round knockout. In 1989, Morrison had 19 wins and no losses, 15 by knockout. Among the fighters he defeated were Lorenzo Boyd, Dan Maloney, David Jaco, Lorenzo Canady, Steve Zouski and Ken Lakusta. In 1991, Morrison, already the recipient of much television exposure, won fights against opponents James Quick Tillis and former world champion Pinklon Thomas. He was given an opportunity to face fellow undefeated fighter Ray Mercer, the WBO title holder in a Pay Per View card held on October 18, 1991. Morrison suffered the first loss of his career, losing by 5th round knockout. Morrison had six wins in 1992, including fights with Art Tucker and Joe Hipp, who would later become the first Native American to challenge for the world heavyweight title. In the Hipp fight, held June 27, 1992, Morrison was suffering from what was later discovered to be a broken hand and broken jaw, but rallied to score a knockout in the ninth round. After two wins in 1993, including one over two-time world title challenger Carl "The Truth" Williams, Morrison found himself fighting for the WBO title again, against heavyweight boxing legend George Foreman, who was himself making a comeback. As both men were famed for their punching power, an exciting battle was expected, but Morrison chose to avoid brawling with Foreman and spent the fight boxing from long range. Morrison was able to hit and move effectively in this manner, and after a closely contested bout he won a unanimous 12-round decision and the WBO title. Morrison's first title defense was scheduled against Mike Williams, but when Williams withdrew on the night of the fight, Tim Tomashek stood in as a replacement. Although Tomashek had been prepared to fight as a backup plan, some news reports created the impression that he had just been pulled out of the crowd. The WBO later rescinded their sanctioning of this fight due to Tomashek's lack of experience. Almost immediately, talks of a fight with WBC world champion Lennox Lewis began, but were halted when virtually unknown Michael Bentt upset Morrison in his next bout. Bentt knocked Morrison down three times, and the fight was stopped in the first round in front of a live HBO Boxing audience. Morrison recovered by winning three bouts in a row in 1994, but his last fight of the year, against Ross Puritty, ended with a draw. Morrison won three fights in 1995 before meeting former contender Razor Ruddock for the IBC Heavyweight Championship. Ruddock dropped Morrison to his knees in the first round, but Morrison recovered to compete on even terms for five rounds. In the sixth round, Ruddock hurt Morrison with a quick combination, but just as it seemed Morrison was in trouble, he countered with a tremendous hook that put Ruddock on the canvas. Ruddock regained his feet, but Morrison drove him to the ropes and showered him with an extended flurry of blows. Just as the bell was about to sound, the referee stepped in and declared Morrison the winner by TKO. The much-anticipated fight with Lewis, who had also lost his world championship, finally took place following the Ruddock match. Morrison was knocked out in the sixth round.

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Morrison has been arrested several times for drunk driving, assault, drug, and weapons charges. He was charged in 1991 with driving under the influence. In 1993, he allegedly struck a University of Iowa student from behind in a bar, stating that the student had been staring at him. Morrison pled guilty to assault and public intoxication charges but said that he was innocent. Earlier in the year, Morrison had been cleared of charges in an alleged altercation at a nightclub. In 1995, assault charges were filed against Morrison after he allegedly punched the mother of his son in the face and bit another woman at a Jay, Oklahoma party. Morrison pled guilty in 1996 to transporting a loaded weapon. In 1997, he was charged in two drunk driving incidents, one of which left three people injured, but he avoided jail time. Another Oklahoma traffic incident followed in 1998, and Morrison was charged with weapon and drug possession in Arkansas in April, 1999. In September, 1999, Morrison was given a two-year suspended sentence for driving while intoxicated in Oklahoma. A week later, Fayetteville, Arkansas police stopped and searched Morrison's car after a near collision with a police cruiser. Morrison was allegedly intoxicated and driving without insurance, and the police found cocaine and marijuana, a weapon, and literature on methamphetamine production. While awaiting trial, Morrison was again arrested on charges of intoxication and possessing a weapon while a felon in November of 1999. Morrison had fled the scene of a car accident, and police found drugs and six loaded guns in the car. In January, 2000, Morrison was convicted of the September, 1999 drugs and weapons charges and sentenced to two years incarceration. He spent the next 14 months in prison, where he is said to have become a born-again Christian. In 2002, he was sentenced to another year in prison after violating parole, but the judge excused him from serving the sentence. Morrison was reportedly arrested again on drug charges in 2010 and 2011. Also in 2011, Morrison admitted to heavy methamphetamine use in the past.

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